Rideshare drivers spend a lot of time on the road and, unfortunately, insurance will come into play for many rideshare drivers eventually.  Know your options, understand your risk and know what to do if/when the time comes to deal with insurance.

Health Insurance for Uber Drivers

Health Insurance Guide for Uber Drivers

The freedom of self-employment is seductive, but the reality may not be as sexy. For those self-employed individuals like rideshare drivers or freelancers earning their income through the gig economy, health insurance can be a dirty word, right along with self-employment taxes.

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rideshare insurance

2019 Rideshare Insurance Guide

You may have your own auto policy, but most personal auto policies have an exclusion for using your car for carrying passengers or doing delivery. While Uber and Lyft have their own policies to cover drivers, there are times when this coverage is minimal. Let’s look at how each respective policy works.

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what to do after an accident while driving uber

What to do After an Accident

As a rideshare driver, it can be very confusing to know what to do after an auto accident. A lot will depend on what “phase” you are in when the crash occurs. It’s especially important to know that Lyft and Uber handle things differently.

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